The three ages

“The three ages” is a sweet reflection about the passing of time, about energy of the soul and the color with which the world is seen through the years. This series represents the same woman in different stages of her life. The same woman who fights for freedom, who believes in freedom. An idealistic and pop woman who plays with color and beauty.

Spring represents freshness and innocence, the sweet idealism. This illustration represents the strength of ideals and belief believe in an idyllic world.
Summer represents strength, energy and color that can transform everything. The most irreverent, transgressive and rebellious ideals.
Autumn represents serenity and observation. Ideals endure, but with the skepticism of experience, with the wisdom and calm of age.

The power of the color, the power of the imagination, the power of the beauty, the power of the sensuality, the power of the nostalgia, the power of the dreams, the power of the rhythm, the power of the culture, the power of the art, the power of the pop, the power of the women, THE POWER OF THE TIME.

Category: Design, Digital Art, Illustration, Motion

Date: 2018

Awards: Distinguished Artist by the international magazine Art Ascent, Canada 2019., Graphis Silver Award (NY, 2019)